Works  By

Donna Drejza



Channeling Robert Palmer: A hapless artist is sent on a comical but life-altering path by the late singer who comes to her as an angel asking for her help as his earth minion.



Palm Beach Busybodies: A fledgling realtor, her gay best friend and drunken pug move to Palm Beach where they find love, money— and a dead socialite.

(Published novel and screenplay)


The Playboy, the Poet and the Spy:  Food writer Camille becomes an eccentric dowager's pet-sitter in London in order to meet an English poet, but things go comically awry when she’s entangled with a Swiss playboy and finds herself an unwitting spy for the dowager.   (Unpublished novel and screenplay)


Ghetto Pug: Due to a mix up in heaven, a movie star and her maid come back to life as a Pug and a Great Dane with Visa cards, a monkey butler and a flying pug angel.

(Animated Children’s Screenplay)




The Cowardly Spy:

A romance writer and her eccentric mother foil a plot to blow up the QE2 and are hired by the head of MI6 and her cowardly son to become unlikely spies.

 (TV Pilot)


The Accidental Pet-sitters: A financial crash forces a zany family to become pet-sitters in a fancy condo. The daughter’s inept attempts to cook for the ancient pug becomes an inadvertent hit in China.  

(TV Pilot)



Works by Donna Drejza

Synopsis of work:


The Playboy, the Poet, and the Spy.



When American writer Camille Carano, discovers her fiancé has been untrue, her nerdy British friend David signs her up for a dating site.  She finds her soul-mate, the poet Oliver Ogilvy, but he's in England with lots-o-baggage, and she's in Boston with a geriatric pug and no money.


One day, David's eccentric mother, Mrs. Etherington, breaks her hip in a fencing/cognac accident.   David is stuck in New Zealand with an ovulating wife, so Camille is hired to fly to London to help out. Camille's dog commits pug-a-cide to speed things along.  After waiting months, Camille and Oliver finally have their date with destiny — but Oliver never shows up.  Instead, she meets Swiss playboy Julian Zarr, as he's being jilted by a supermodel named Clover.


Camille’s new international posting involves daily briefings of her love life to Mrs. Etherington, as well as covert operations involving gin and dog smuggling.  Camille finally meets Oliver, who invites her up to his Bohemian little world complete with crazy wife and evil twins.  Meanwhile, Swiss pharmaceutical heir, Julian woos her with his champagne and caviar lifestyle.  Despite Julian's numerous attractions, Camille loves Oliver. He feels the same, but his wife goes in the loony bin, derailing his divorce, so he breaks up with Camille and breaks her heart.


She flies to Switzerland to meet Julian’s family. BM, the family blabbermouth lets on that Zarr Pharmaceuticals is in deep trouble. Patients are dying, and Julian suspects sabotage – by someone in the family. 


After a family party, Camille returns to the Zarr estate to find a dead woman.  Everyone is a suspect, including Camille whose chocolaty fingerprints are all over the crime scene. Later, a series of accidents makes them think the wrong person was murdered —meaning the killer’s job is unfinished.  With danger looming, Oliver —a knight in rusty Volvo —shows up to save Camille.  Her love for Oliver cracks Julian's Teflon heart, so he leaves her. Camille and Oliver are together at last, but stranded and broke.  Julian comes to the financial rescue, causing Oliver to depart with his tail between his legs, without Camille.


When Mrs. Etherington's dog is kidnapped, she makes a surprise appearance in Zurich.  Through Camille's briefings and her colleagues at Mi6, Mrs. Etherington solves the mysteries. The dead Zarr wife and her daughter Clover were Russian spies!  Besides tampering with Swiss drugs to manipulate stock, they were trying to bump off the Zarrs —and Camille.


At the happy conclusion, Julian is about to propose to Camille. Then Oliver shows up to report his wife is dying, so he'll be freeing up soon. Camille can't decide between her soul mate, Oliver or the perfect man, Julian. But at the end, fate decides. Oliver rescinds his offer, and Julian proposes to Camille.





The Palm Beach Busybodies:

            A comic who-dunit about a fledgling Realtor, her drunken Pug and a gay caterer who move to swanky Palm Beach.  They are outsiders of a group of wacky elites, but are on the brink of love and wealth; that is until they find a pesky dead socialite. 

         With nothing to lose, Emma, her gay friend Kevin and her pug Ursula move to swanky Palm Beach.  Emma resumes her career as a Realtor, and her world suddenly changes when she lists the $27 million mansion of handsome Dr. Richard Weinstein. Emma is soon drawn into a world of yachts, champagne and socialites, and falls for the married Dr. Weinstein.  To derail the looming love affair, Emma’s zany friend Irene, fixes her up with Richard’s British yacht captain, Graham.  Just as Emma falls for Graham, he becomes entangled with the ubiquitous topless Russian.

Kevin resumes his career as a caterer of phallic foods and becomes even more sought-after when he sets socialite Maxine on fire with his cherries jubilee.  He spends his free time spying on Ernesto, the hot Latin dog walker while dreaming of a future with trust-funder Hudson Dupont III.  It is all coming together for both Emma and Kevin; that is until one morning when Emma is showing her listing and finds a dead socialite. While the entire town rejoices in the death of Bunny Weinstein, the police narrow down the suspect list to our favorite characters: Richard; his Goth daughter Lisa; his pushy mother; Graham, Ernesto, Irene, Maxine; Ping, the Chinese cook; and Hudson Dupont III. 

The cast must remain in Palm Beach during the off- season, which is tragic in itself, plus they will miss Lisa Weinstein’s Nantucket wedding. The only thing to do is find the culprit, so Emma suggests sailing all of the suspects out to sea under the guise of a Great Gatsby party. Naturally things do not go as planned and now the gang is in deeper trouble with another pesky murder on their hands.  Kevin and Emma, who are natural busy bodies, are able to piece the clues together and save the day.



Girl Wisdom:

        While drowning her sorrows at the Washington Four Seasons, the carbohydrate-deprived Emma collapses at the feet of playboy hotelier Robert Revson – and falls in love. To confirm that Robert is the one, Emma and her busy-body friends visit a psychic who describes Emma’s future soul-mate. The description matches Robert to a “T,” along with every new man that Emma encounters including Robert’s friends, relatives and his fat billionaire nemesis.  Thanks to her dragon-lady broker, Emma misses the critical third date with Robert before he sails his yacht to Florida for the winter. 

       Egged on by her enabler friends, Emma flies to Florida and stays with Irene, a zany senior who supports her daiquiri habit by teaching water aerobics to poodles. While there, the compulsive Emma stops to buy a tuna sandwich and ends up buying an ocean front condo. Thus begins her inadvertent and chaotic second life in Florida with her two pugs, which she must disguise as her ugly babies to hide them from the condo board. 

       After Emma has several hair-curler-esque encounters with Robert, he ends up back in the arms of his beautiful ex-fiancée, Dagmar. Now broke and alone from her misadventure, Emma moves back to Washington, reluctantly agreeing to marry Robert’s nemesis. When Robert glimpses Emma wearing a wedding dress and chasing a gel-bra eating Chihuahua, he finally realizes he loved her all along, but now it may be too late. 



The Expats and the Cowardly Spy:



A writer and her eccentric English mother, sail on the QE2 where they unwittingly foil a terrorist plot on the QE2. They impress the head of MI6, who is on the ship with her cowardly son. Soon the writer and her mother become unlikely traveling spies for MI6, with the son assigned to pose as their butler.



Ghetto Pug:

Due to a mix-up at a heaven processing facility, an ageing actress and her maid come back to life as dogs with a monkey butler and a Visa card. 

A funny and poignant adventure begins as actress Ursula comes back as a Pug who inadvertently becomes a police dog, White House dog, dog star and dog-oncologist.   Stella, her Latin maid, comes back as a Great Dane, who is bounced from foster homes, pet stores and dog pounds, all the while yearning to be reunited with her nutty family and Ursula. With courage and the help of a flying mini-pug angel, the two overcome a road-trip of adversity to become accidental heroes.  

Ursula, an ageing movie-star, has a Peking Duck dinner for her 10 year old nephew and her maid’s 10- year old niece.  After a game of Twister, Ursula and Stella are run down by an ice cream truck and end up in heaven with Ursula’s monkey and a Visa card. 

A tipsy French waiter in heaven sends humans Stella and Ursula to the wrong annex of heaven, causing them to come back to life as dogs. Stella comes back as a Great Dane, but after failing as a show dog, is adopted by an evil boy and pestered by the reincarnated Peking Duck; all the while unaware that she is tied to a tree one block from home.

Ursula comes back as a Pug, concluding that her only employment option is to star as a pug in ‘Men in Black,’ which will enable her fund a cure for monkey Mr. Bill.   But first Ursula must escape the cruel breeder who is about to sell her wholesale. Both dogs are in trouble, and are saved by Uncle George, who has come back as a flying miniature Pug angel. The befuddled Uncle George angel goofs up and poor Ursula becomes a murder’s pet in the ghetto. But all is not lost, as Ursula becomes a hero by helping the police catch the murderer.  She tiptoes off from her police award ceremony to find a proper bathroom and inadvertently interrupts a presidential news conference. The President decides to adopt her, and she inadvertently unplugs the “big button” with her curly tail averting a nuclear war. The president thinks she is a mole, so she escapes by hiding in a huge cake before popping out and running away. Uncle George advises her to go to a certain pet store (where cows sleep on Barca-loungers) and where she reunites with Stella. Then, Ursula is adopted by the beautiful pet couture designer Kim. Everyone is content for a year, until both dogs are lost and end up at the dog pound where they use nail glue so they will be adopted together. Stella son Paco’s selfish fiancée Ophelia visits the dog pound and walks right past her dog Stella after she discovers that Pug Ursula is worth $1600 -- which is exactly what she is overdrawn at the bank.  The lovely Kim comes too late for her dog Ursula, but agrees to take the huge Stella and the duck home for safety.  Ophelia sells Ursula to a bathtub delivery man (the mad ice ceam truck driver) who begins a road trip to Palm Beach.  Stella hops in the tub to catch up with Ursula. Paco, Ophelia, Julia and Kim follow on their own road trip to find their dogs.  They keep missing each other, so Stella and Ursula decide to go to Ursula’s old Palm Beach home, which is now occupied by an identical looking movie star and maid with monkey butler.  The new movie star has lost dog posters photographed by Annie Lebowitz who dresses the dogs up as “Gone with the Wind” characters, and as a result, no one recognizes the dogs, except the mad ice cream  truck driver and Robert del a Miro, a famous movie producer of dog movies.  The new movie star tries to hide the dogs from the truck driver with her friends the Davids. Pug angel George flies in and advises Ursula to bite mean Ophelia causing them to all end up at the hospital where Ursula poses as a seeing-eye dog and discovers a very sickly Mr. Bill.  Chased by the duck and the omnipresent cow, Ursula knocks over an experiment in the lab and causes the blind lady’s Mountain Dew soda to fall in the vat, along with monkey Mr. Bill.  Discovering the missing ingredient to curing cancer, Ursula becomes a hero once again.  At the hospital, Ursula is joined by Stella, Paco and the gang, including mean Ophelia who is attacked by the ducks, a pig and the mad cow in the elevator.  Robert Del la Miro decides to hire Ursula to be in his next movie, along with Paco and Kim, who have fallen in love.