A painting and a story: The Rhine River
18x 24 oil on canvas    

Although she was just in her twenties, Catherine preferred old things. They were more beautiful, and they held a secret story. That's why the American loved Switzerland; it was like going back in time. One Sunday, she was invited by fellow travelers to ride an old boat down the Rhine River to Schaffhausen. When she passed an old house, she knew. She knew she had once lived there — a hundred years ago.

Painting and a story. The Ferry to Morcote.

20 x 20 oil on canvas  

The passengers and crew watched as the young woman chased her pink hat along the shore. It seemed to have plans of its own that did not include spending time on her head. Once onboard the ferry to Morcote, the woman ran up to the sun-streaked upper deck and gazed at the medieval Swiss village. A man with dark hair and blue eyes stood watching her. She didn't know yet, that he would be the man that she would marry.

Emma Peel

 18 x 24  Oil on canvas

She had the kind of eyes that beguiled in a blink. Large and  brown, like melted Chocolate, they melted hearts too. She was the daughter of Sir John Knight, who must have told her she could do anything a man could do. Or must have told her she couldn’t. Something inspired her to be daring, not just for the thrill, but also for the pleasure.  She was a mistress of pleasure.  A widow who wore catsuits, she was way ahead of her time. She didn’t care what anyone thought — but geniuses were like that.  She was the intelligent man’s dream girl. A champion fencer, sculptress, amateur spy, and chemist. When their eyes met, it created a chemical reaction as explosive as Mount Vesuvius.   Hers and John Steeds.   They saved each other time and again.  Because they loved each other. She was Emma Peel.


copyright Donna Drejza